Yes! Find it with Google Maps; get there with Garmin.

The Send to GPS service allows you to search for any street address and transfer it from the Google Maps website to your Garmin device via its USB or Wireless connection. The location will be saved as one of your Favorites, and you can navigate to it or view it on a map just like any other Favorite.

Using your Garmin with Google Maps

What you'll need:

  • A compatible Garmin Device:
    • A USB cable to connect your Garmin device to your computer.
    • A wireless device, such as the nuvi 1690®, must be registered to a myGarmin account.
  • IBM-compatible PCs running Windows® XP or Vista operating systems with Internet Explorer 6+ or Firefox 1.5+. Intel-based or PowerPC G3 or later Mac OS 10.4 or later with Firefox 2.0+ or Safari 2.0+.
  • The Garmin Communicator plugin, which lets your browser talk to your Garmin device. Get it here.

How to use the service:

  1. Type the 'businesses', 'addresses' or 'place of interest' (e.g. 'barbecue' in 'Olathe, KS') and click Search Maps in Google Maps.
  2. Once you find a business, click the Send link in the bar at the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click the GPS tab in the 'Send to' window.
  4. From the 'Brand' drop down list, select Garmin.
  5. From the 'Include' drop-down menu, select the address you want to send and press the Send button.


Common error messages:

"No Garmin GPS devices were found. Please connect your device to your computer and scan again."
The fix: Your Garmin device is not connected to the computer's USB port. Connect your device and select Scan for Devices.

"Garmin Communicator Plugin NOT detected. This website uses the Garmin Communicator Plugin, which has not been installed in your browser. Click here to install the plugin."
The fix: Follow the link in the error message to install the Garmin Communicator Plugin. You may have to return to Google maps and repeat steps 1 – 5 above.

"We did not find a wireless device in your account that is compatible with this service. You may need to register your device or sign in to a different account."
The fix: Register your wireless device to the myGarmin account you entered or sign in to another myGarmin account containing a compatible wireless device such as the nuvi 1690®. The Garmin nuvifone™ series are not compatible.

"Your version of the Garmin Communicator Plugin is out of date. Click here to install the plugin."
The fix: Select the Install button and follow the process to install the current version of the Garmin Communicator Plugin. You may have to return to Google maps and repeat steps 1 – 5 above.